Thanks for visiting my page, The art of Benjamin.
My name is Benji, I'm at tattoo artist at the Private studio for Broken Dagger Tattoo (2275 e sunset rd, suite 3) in Las Vegas, NV.

I'm a color Specialist, focusing on my personal style that I have dubbed CYBERTRADITIONAL. This is a style encompassing futuristic and sci-fi elements such as galaxy designs, pixlation and chrome accents. This style can be imprinted on any type of design. Above all,  I would love to tattoo this style. To check out examples of this concept, please see the 'cybertraditional' tab under my Tattoo Gallery page. I have also provided a tattoo flash tab, so you can get an idea of the designs I would like to tattoo the most.

Additinoally, I consider myself an overall color tattooer, and I would be more than happy to take care of any type of colorwork you would want to get. Please see my "Color Work" tab under my Tattoo Gallery page.

I Also am one of the few artists around who supply Blacklight Ink for tattooing UV reflective designs. Please be warned that this is more of a novelty tattoo, and expect the UV ink to lose it's intensity over time. Please see my 'Blacklight Ink" tab under my Tattoo Gallery Page.

I tattoo under an rate of $150 an hour; 4-hour timeslots can be booked for $500, and I provide a day rate (8 hour max) for $900 
For smaller tattoo designs, my minimum starts at $100.
Booking can be handled under the "Contact" page on my website. I require a Deposit of $50, this is payable through Paypal (, Venmo (@dio_brando) or Cashapp ($benjitatts).

Please be aware: If you did not pay your deposit, even if we discussed a date and time, you have not ben scheduled. your date is secure only after the deposit is paid. Deposits are only refundable with a cancellation that has been addressed 72 hours before the tattoo date. Otherwise, even if you did not show up for your appointment, your deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.

I have a full flash design gallery located under the "Tattoo Flash" section of this website. These are designs that I would like to tattoo the most. These designs have discounted rates.

Please make sure you have eaten before hand. Wear comfortable clothing that you do not mind getting dirty. I do not mind a guest or 2, but please do not bring an entourage of people. Make sure you also bring something to keep yoourself occupied for longer sessions (music, book, tablet, etc).
I accept Cash primarily, but can facilitate cards for payments, which can also be handled with the previously discussed financial apps.
Aftercare will be discussed in person, and you will be given an aftercare sheet for reference.

In addition to tattoo work, Ialso handle commision work, including digital designs and paintings. Please refer to my "Paintings", "Digital", "Skateboard Decks" and "Sticker Designs" pages on my website for examples of this work. If you would like to hire me for a project, please contact me under the "Contact" page on this website. All price quoting will be handled according to the particualr project.

Thanks for visiting my page, I look forward to your patronage.